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Monday, 25 October 2010

LNG Tankers Expected to Dock in British, Belgian Ports

The following table is an overview of liquefied natural gas tankers scheduled to arrive in the U.K., Belgium and northwest Europe.
The snapshot is compiled using AISLive data on Bloomberg and information from port authorities. It includes spot and multiyear contract cargoes and may not capture all ships. Tanker capacity is given in cubic meters of LNG, which is gas cooled to a liquid for transport. Data on whether the ship is loading for export or unloading is given if known.
The U.K. is Europe’s largest and most-active gas market. Interconnector (U.K.) Ltd. operates a two-way pipeline between Zeebrugge, the location of Belgium’s only LNG terminal, and Bacton, east England.
Tanker            Capacity   Expected   Origin    Terminal
------            --------   --------   ------     --------
Fraiha             205,950   Oct. 26    Qatar     Isle of Grain
Umm Slal           260,928   Oct. 25    Qatar     South Hook 2
Al Nuaman          205,981   Nov. 1     Qatar     South Hook 2

Tanker            Capacity   Expected   Origin     Terminal   *
------            --------   --------   ------     --------   -
Al Thakhira       143,517    Oct. 26    Qatar      Zeebrugge  U
RasGas Asclepius  145,000    Nov. 7     Qatar      Zeebrugge  U
Trinity Glory     152,675    Nov. 10    Qatar      Zeebrugge  NK

* U - Unloading  L - Loading  NK - Not Known

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