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Friday, 15 October 2010

Initiative to Launch New Energy Bank October 2010

New Energy Bank (NEB) has been founded to take advantage of extraordinary opportunities in the energy sector.  The use of fossil fuels will continue to be the dominant energy source for the foreseeable future; however high carbon emissions and sustainability issues means that their use will come under increasing social, economic and political pressure.   The trend for continued growth in the alternative and renewable energy sector will continue and NEB is positioned to lead this global trend by supporting suitable alternative energy projects in this rapidly growing market.  Such projects must provide strong returns and stand alone as bankable projects.  The NEB team have strong relationships with industry participants and an established track record in the alternative energy sector.

If you are interested in assisting us with this initiative them please feel free to send us your CV and details your interest and experience.

If you currently fund Traditional or Alternative Energy projects  please contact us so we can register you as a funder.

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