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Friday, 22 June 2012

Geothermal Energy Market worth $12.94b

"The Geothermal Energy Market to be Worth $12.94bn in 2012" According to New Visiongain Report

As traditional fossil fuel energy sources dwindle and increase in price, renewable energies become a more attractive prospect and more cost competitive. Geothermal energy, whether used to produce electricity by driving a turbine, or used directly for heating, has considerable potential for growth due to its ability to consistently deliver energy.

This new report explains how the market will develop as a multi-billion dollar sector, revealing geothermal energy developments throughout the world and including regional or country specific forecasts and analysis for both the electricity and direct use parts of the market. This report covers all the major companies involved in the industry and includes the latest contract developments, newest partnerships and the most significant technological advances. A wealth of data is analysed to provide a clear breakdown of how the geothermal energy market will develop over the next ten years.

The report includes 158 tables and graphs quantifying the geothermal energy market in detail, and includes two original interviews with companies involved in geothermal energy. In addition, the report provides a SWOT analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the market over the next ten years, and offers profiles of 23 leading companies involved in the geothermal energy industry. The various drivers and restraints of the market are evaluated in order to provide readers with specific insights into the future direction of the geothermal energy market.

This visiongain energy report will be valuable to those already involved in the geothermal energy market or to those wishing to enter this important market in the future.

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