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New Energy Bank (NEB) has been founded to take advantage of extraordinary opportunities in the energy sector.  The use of fossil fuels will continue to be the dominant energy source for the foreseeable future; however high carbon emissions and sustainability issues means that their use will come under increasing social, economic and political pressure.   The trend for continued growth in the alternative and renewable energy sector will continue and NEB is positioned to lead this global trend by supporting suitable alternative energy projects in this rapidly growing market.  Such projects must provide strong returns and stand alone as bankable projects.  The NEB team have strong relationships with industry participants and an established track record in the alternative energy sector. 

Over the next 20 years, more than $11 trillion of investments are estimated to be required in the global electricity sector, with about half of that needed for power generation. Traditional fossil-fueled generation will continue to play a significant role in power generation, expected to make up 45% of world power generation in the same timeframe. In addition, growth in clean and renewable energy is expected to remain strong. Clean and renewable energy is rapidly moving into the mainstream alongside traditional sources of power, driven not only by concerns regarding energy security and the environment but also by the comparative stability and improving competitiveness of lifecycle costs for renewable generation sources. Therefore, beyond the broad investment opportunities in the traditional power sector, New Energy Bank  also sees an increasingly significant set of clean and renewables investment opportunities, plus a related set of energy efficiency plays such as the harvesting of energy from the recycling of wasted heat in existing industrial facilities.

Thanks in major part to Switzerland’s tough legislation regarding pollution, they made it to number one on the world’s most eco-friendly nations. Their long-term plans target cooperation between organizations and individuals. New Energy bank has chosen Switzerland as a neutral base for operations.