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Fossil Fuels

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With over 80% of the world’s energy produced from hydrocarbons, NEB believes that one of the quickest, short-term way to reduce the world’s carbon footprint is to promote responsible and efficient investments in the traditional energy sector. Broadly speaking, this means the shift of electrical power production from coal and fuel oil to (cleaner) gas. It also means the production and refining of crude oil in a more environmentally friendly fashion. Specifically, the Bank will invest in Combined Cycle / Gas Turbine (CCGT) and Integrated Gas / Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plants which will either close or “re-power” existing coal fired power plants. The fuel for these plants will be obtained from local natural gas sources, imported LNG or Syngas from coal gasification. In each case, these investments can be expected to reduce the CO2 emissions by at least 50% (and the SOX / NOX by up to 90%). 12-15 such projects are currently under review. With respect to the production and refining of crude oil, target areas of investment include the capture of flared gas (condensate) from primary oil production and the sequestration of CO2 in mature oil fields, resulting in significant enhanced oil production. Target areas for these investments include the Former Soviet Union, West Africa and  Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. In each of these investments, NEB will require a project IRR in excess of 12% p.a. and a return to shareholders in excess of 25% p.a.

New Energy Bank Mandates  2010 -2011

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